Full Name
Ynze Sipkema, CTO
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Ynze Sipkema holds the position of CTO and is co-founder at Blinqx, demonstrating a track record in the development and growth of B2B software companies. Before co-founding Blinqx, he founded Fiscaal Gemak, a prominent software solution in the accountancy field, which is now integrated into Exact.
Ynze holds an MSc in Fiscal Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2007, Ynze has been actively engaged in entrepreneurship, co-founding and navigating various businesses. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2007, during which he co-founded and directed multiple business ventures, leveraging his expertise in software development strategy and finance and economics.
Ynze likes to establish external connections and generating new ideas within Blinqx. He values active involvement with his team, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.
Ynze Sipkema, CTO